Brian Honkomp

Clearwater Middle School, Waconia MN

8th Grade Earth Science Educator

St. Cloud State University

BS: Comprehensive Biology & General Science, Minor: Earth Science

St. Mary’s University

MA: Education

EDD UDC: Doctorate in Education

“Honkomp” has been a teacher in the Waconia Schools since 2001 and lives with his wife Angie, daughter Issabelle, & Son Preston in Waconia.  He is currently enrolled at St. Mary’s University and is defending his doctoral thesis on Motivation in Education.  Please click the ISTE link above and read about Honkomp’s Doctoral research on Adventure Learning.

Christian Gilbert

Clearwater Middle School, Waconia MN

8th Grade World Geography Educator

Gustavus Adolphus College

BA: Geography, Environmental Studies & Social Studies Education

University of St. Thomas

MA: Educational Technology

National Outdoor Leadership School

(Wilderness Medicine Institute)

WFR - Wilderness First Responder

“Gilbert” has been teaching social studies in the Waconia Schools since January of 2000.  He currently resides with his wife Abby in Minneapolis. 

Park Name: Fort Ridgely State Park
Date: 10/25/03 
Weather: 40 Degrees, Gray & Cloudy, Light Mist
Activity: Hiked 2.7 miles
Comments/Thoughts: Park Ranger laughed at us, he had never heard of anyone even completing all MN State Parks! Oh well I guess we have some work to do.
Observations: Park is a great tribute to early settlers of MN, would be a tough life!
Entertainment: Mr. Gilbert & looking for Hiking Club Password
**Above is an excerpt from Mr. Honkomp’s adventure journal...don’t know what he meant about “Entertainment = Gilbert”


It was on this day that my friend (Mr. Brian Honkomp) and I took our first steps on a whirl-wind journey throughout the entire Minnesota State Park system.  Together we decided to join the state park “Hiking” and “Passport” club and complete both programs in the span of one year.  (I remember vividly the park ranger laughing at our “crazy” proposition...FYI we have been “laughed” at many times since with our ideas!) We had no idea the implications of our adventure and how it would re-mold the way we look at our careers as educators.  What started as a personal venture quickly turned into an experience that our 8th grade Geography and Sciences classes would share with us.  Brian and I knew we were on to something when we noticed that our students were energized by tales of our misadventures throughout Minnesota.  Since this EPIC day back in 2003 we have taught our students (of all ages) via satellite from the highest point in South America, Africa, Europe, and Australia.  We are constantly seeking out new opportunities for our students and have endless ideas on where to “teach” next.  Yes we will drive our families crazy and our administrators nuts, but we know it will benefit the lives of our 8th graders in Waconia.  Go4theSummit.com is the product of our energy to Explore, Motivate, and Educate the modern day student...Thanks for visiting, following, or helping us in our educational adventures!

Happy Trails,


PS - We finished all 72 MN State parks in one year...“Go4theSummit”!